The Mission-Minded Family (paperback edition)

MISSION-MINDED SET: Book #2 - THE MISSION-MINDED FAMILY focuses on the "How" of world missions. You will be encouraged to expand God's kingdom, while maintaining a joyful and balanced family life.

mmf The Mission-Minded Family: Releasing Your Family to God's Destiny
By Ann Dunagan (Published by IVP, InterVarsity Press, 2008).

In a mission-minded family, there's a God-infused energy. There's a focus on God's worldwide purpose and there's a passion for the lost. There's a spiritual depth and hunger that reaches beyond the maintenance mode of cultural Christianity. A mission-minded family emphasizes leadership, calling and destiny. There's a prevailing attitude of self-sacrifice and an emphasis on total submission to God's will. There's an unmistakable and contagious joy.

Dunagan, who wrote The Mission-Minded Child, brings the same perspective to what it means to be a mission-minded family. This book includes suggested activities for families to participate in together as well as resources to help families develop the desire to be more missions-focused. She discusses the need for families to balance and prioritize their everyday lives and delves into what a family's finances would look like if they were focused on missions. This practical book is the perfect companion to The Mission-Minded Child. Families who read and practice principles from this book will receive a rekindled closeness as they participate in ministry together.

Expand God's kingdom with a joyful and balanced family life!
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