The Mission-Minded Child (paperback edition)

Give Your Child a Passion for God's Great Commission!

MISSION-MINDED SET: Book #1 -- THE MISSION-MINDED CHILD focuses on the "Why" of world missions, with inspiration and ideas to raise a new generation to fulfill God's purpose.

mmc The Mission-Minded Child: Raising the Next Generation to Fulfill God's Purpose
By Ann Dunagan (Published by IVP, InterVarsity Press, 2007).

David Livingstone, once said, "This generation can only reach this generation." But will we raise our children to effectively impact their generation for Jesus Christ?

The Mission-Minded Child is a practical book to encourage Christian parents and teachers placed in the strategic position of impacting the next generation. As a guide to world missions, The Mission-Minded Child is filled with facts, information and tools for teaching. It focuses on the "why" of missions—including our Biblical basis, historical heritage and the world’s need—and contains over 25 mini-missionary biographies, motivational mission stories, classic poems, hymns and hundreds of easy-to-use ideas.

The Mission-Minded Child will inspire teachers and parents to look for God’s potential in their child, "release" their little one to God for His purposes and "raise" their child to fulfill God’s specific mission. As a resource tool, this book will be referred to again and again.

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